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Laura Liu
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Wen Jie
Deputy director and researcher
The Institute of Animal Sciences of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Wei Xiaoming
Chairman and general manager
Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.

Willem Heemskerk
WPSA’s Foundation for the Promotion of Poultry Science (FPPS).

Liu Shengwang
Deputy director of the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Chu Jianxin
Collaborative person in charge of NetEase Kaola warehouse allocation planning and supply chain.

Vincent Guyonnet
Managing director
FFI Consulting Ltd..

Aidan Connolly
CEO of Cainthus, president of AgriTech Capital

Curtis Shuey
The leader of the International BioDevice and Automation commercial team for Zoetis.

Jason Cormick
Hatchery Specialist
Petersime NV

Guo Chunman
Senior partner of Hay Group, Principal of the Shenzhen Branch

Harold Zhou
Sales Director
Cobb China

Leng Hanbing
General Manager, Technical Service Company of Dalian Sanyi Animal Medicine Co., Ltd..

Weng Yabiao
Associate professor of Veterinary College of South China Agricultural University

Zhinong Yan
Executive Director
Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

Zhan Zhenfeng
Poultry Tech-Application Manager of Cargill Premix & Nutrition

Gordon Butland
G&S Agriconsultant Co., Ltd.

Jacky Michard
Poultry Expert

Kate Sande
Senior Manager, Innovation Registration and Toxicology, Ecolab (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Liu Na
Technical Director, Poultry Department
Ascor Chimici

Shi Wanyu
Associate Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Hebei Agricultural University and Director of the Department of Chinese Veterinary Medicine