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Driven by multiple factors with new retail reform, consumption upgrades, value chain optimization, and technological innovation, the transformation of the poultry protein supply chain is forwarding to depth development. In the fields of poultry meat and egg supply in China, although there are still no giant companies, with the deep mergers and acquisitions of leading enterprises, the pattern of poultry companies in China has changed.

From the farm to the table supply chain, everything becomes possible. Costco, the second-largest retailer in the US, spent $400 million to build a 100 million-ton chicken meat processing base in the United States to optimize its value chain for roast chicken and chicken part as food making material, and the first physical store of Costco in China is expected to open in mid-2019 in Shanghai. Following the opening of the Costco store, Costco’s chicken processing base in the United States will be put into operation in September 2019. This new business model has attracted the attention of many economists and supply chain management experts in the United States. Costco’s unprecedented initiative will revolutionize the retail and food service sectors. The boundaries of the business will no longer be clear after the retail border being opened, and supply chain cooperation and joint construction are particularly important.

Based on the supply chain topics such as regional development needs, variety differentiation, Salmonella purification, and product diversification of poultry meat and egg discussed in the 2018 International Poultry Industry Forum (IPFC 2018), the 8th International Poultry Industry Forum (IPFC 2019) will be held in July, Yantai, China, with a focus on supply chain transformation and value chain upgrades, localization and internationalization strategies in China, vertical collaboration of poultry supply chains and coordination of farmers’ interests, and poultry meat processing technology innovation and food development, digital technology and other supply chain issues under the background of new retail revolution, at the same time the forum will explore how trade frictions and epidemics affect the world poultry market, the opportunities and challenges of the African poultry and poultry market, how to face the competition in the Chinese market between 6 million tons of pork gap with the sudden increase by more than 30% of Chinese chicken imports.

We are looking forward that experts, scholars and companies from the poultry industry will gather together at the event to build on the value-added industry chain for the innovative future, seeking new engines of the poultry industry by addressing key issues and sharing wisdom with a refocus on the theme of “Value-added Supply Chain, Create the Future”.


(1)Global value chain upgrading and localization strategy

▲The development pattern of poultry industry under the impact of trade friction and protein consumption

▲Vertical cooperation relationship between poultry industry supply chain and coordination of farmers’ interests

▲Building a talent training and capacity building system to enhance the competitiveness of the poultry industry

▲The integration and standardization of poultry meat and egg supply chain changes the existing business model

▲Multinational companies from the global value chain to adopt localization upgrading strategy

▲“Going out” poultry companies global resource allocation and supply chain risk management

▲Digital technology drives new and old kinetic energy conversion in the supply chain

(2)Technological innovation brings changes to poultry production

▲Poultry companies to create core competitiveness

▲How to view poultry biostatistics and big data

▲Innovation in production incubation

▲Challenges of antibiotic-free/low-antibiotic nutrition solutions posed to costs and benefits and biosecurity

▲Poultry feed strategy driven by the withdrawal policy of drugs as feed additive

▲Innovation in poultry meat slaughtering and processing technology

Special Session: “Growing towards the Future” Poultry Food Marketing Strategy

▲Brand strategy and marketing strategy from farm to table in the new retail era

▲How do poultry companies increase revenues to value-added supply chain through scenario marketing

▲Key point control of digital marketing transition and cultivation of targeted consumer group

▲Experiences sharing of successful cases to achieve revenue increase through the poultry meat consumption scenario affecting consumer