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The transformation and upgrading of the poultry companies in EU and in the United States mainly focuses on the following areas: cage-free egg layer farming and egg production, slow-growing broiler farming and broiler meat production, animal welfare and chicken meat production without any in-feed antibiotics, the application of cutting-edge technology such as intelligentification, expansion into food retail chain and optimization of business management strategies. According to the Global Poultry Industry Trends released by Rabobank International, economic development drives food market change. Different food consumption patterns are dictated by different levels of economic development. In terms of per capita income,




Yang Ning
Professor of China Agricultural University; Chairman of the World’s Poultry Science Association

Wang Lianzeng
Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Justin Sherrard
Global Strategist Animal Protein
Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research (FAR) group

John W. Bartelme
Founder and Principal
Bartelme & Associates

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