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The transformation and upgrading of the poultry companies in EU and in the United States mainly focuses on the following areas: cage-free egg layer farming and egg production, slow-growing broiler farming and broiler meat production, animal welfare and chicken meat production without any in-feed antibiotics, the application of cutting-edge technology such as intelligentification, expansion into food retail chain and optimization of business management strategies. According to the Global Poultry Industry Trends released by Rabobank International, economic development drives food market change. Different food consumption patterns are dictated by different levels of economic development. In terms of per capita income, China is categorized into the range of $ 5,000-15,000 where people see foods as a social occasion.

China’s poultry companies mainly concentrate on costs versus benefits, environmental control, recycling of animal manure and the extension of industry chain in the transformation and upgrading process. The business philosophy of the food industry and the service industry is different from the management idea of farms and industrialized poultry farming. The capital market prefers the Central Kitchen model (centralized food service system) and the processing of one single food ingredient is taking a back seat. The poultry companies are confronted by the challenges caused by the industry-wide development mode that integrates plant growing, animal farming and product processing. With the ever-changing consumer preferences, how should the poultry breeding and farming sectors as well as feed production sector change and rise to the occasion?

With all the changes along the food industry chain, the transformation and upgrading of the poultry companies is entering a critical period and faced by both opportunities and challenges. Against such a backdrop, the International Poultry Forum China 2018 will be held. We are looking forward that experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the poultry industry chain and friends from all circles will gather at the event to build on the value-added industry chain for the innovative future, seeking new engines of the poultry industry by addressing key issues and sharing wisdom.


Topic 1: Global poultry trends and China’s regional opportunities

▲Production trends in the global poultry industry and regional opportunities

▲The upgrading practice of the US broiler industry and layer industry

▲Poultry production trends and consumer demand in EU

Topic 2: Opportunities in the supply chain—from farm to table

▲Supply chain management of the centralized food service system

▲Application value of blockchain and data information technology

▲Value distribution in the poultry, meat and egg industrial chains and brand building

▲Poultry meat food supply chain service and channel development of fresh food

▲Opportunities for the poultry industry under the new retail and logistics model

Topic 3: Technology drives the optimization and management of the production line

▲Latest poultry breeding technologies and disease elimination and eradication

▲Antibiotic-free poultry diets and poultry nutrition & health

▲Latest development trend of animal farming driven by animal welfare and production costs