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Wang Lianzeng
Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang Lianzeng, Reprsentative of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, Vice President of China Animal Agriculture Association, and Executive President of National Poultry Industry Association, CAAA is Chairman of Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. He is also a part-tine professor of Renmin University of China and a Senior Livestock Engineer.
     In the 1980s, Mr. Wang started his business career with only two partners, two rooms and two hundred head of hens. For 36 years, he devoted himself to layer breeder farming by focusing on the introduction of advanced scientific technology from home and abroad, first-rate equipment and talents. The advantages of costs, scale of business and technology make his company an industry leading player in China’s layer industry.
     With rapid growth of the company under his leadership, Mr. Wang Lianzeng also makes a point of contributing to society. Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology promotes science and technology in rural areas, helps those in distress and help those in peril with technology.
     Some of his deeds include road construction and well drilling in underdeveloped areas and earthquake relief work in quake-hit regions in China.
     Mr. Wang Lianzeng has been conferred titles and honors such as “the 4th Advanced Worker of China Animal Agriculture Industry”, “Special Contribution Award of Top 10 Leaders of Becoming Rich in China Rural Area”, “First Harvest Prize of China Agricuture and Fisheries”, “Person of the Year in China Layer Industry”, “Vice president and President of Hebei Branch of Agricultural Enterprises Development Promotion Committee, China Well-off Society Association”.