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According to the public data, the global population will jump from 7.2biillion in 2014 to 9.6 billion in 2050. The global middle class population will increase from 1.8 billion in 2012 to 3.2 billion in 2020. By 2020, the middle class in China will increase from the current 200 million up to 600 million. The ever increasing middle class population, whose purchasing power will continue to grow, will usher in the golden period for consumption, but their consumption attitudes will change and they will be willing to buy quality products.

The China Chicken Consumer Market Survey 2014 conducted by LyJa Media shows that the consumption ideas, psychology and preferences of the consumers across the country are changing; they prefer to purchase free range chickens and chickens that are slaughtered on the spot; they care more about the safety and freshness of the raw chicken as well as the safety and flavor of the cooked chicken; they prefer whole chicken and stewed chicken. The majority of the people surveyed have their own ideas of the safety of the chicken, "instant chicken", chicken containing antibiotics and the welfare of the chickens raised on the farm. They are ready to know more about the aspects mentioned above on chicken.

The quality and safety of agricultural products and brand building are high on the agenda for the Chinese government which points out that no efforts should be spared to build food brands to ensure people’s faith in agricultural products. China’s Ministry of Commerce is promoting with great efforts the construction of traceability system, starting with meat food products. Shanghai launched a pilot project of information tracing management and held legislative hearings for Shanghai Administrative Measures of Food Safety Information Traceability.

All being considered, the 2015 International Poultry Forum China will be held in Shanghai. The forum will be centered on consumption side and the efforts to integrate the entire chicken industry chain. All the guests and representatives from supermarkets , catering businesses, chicken processing and cold chain logistics companies, chicken slaughtering and breeding businesses, industry associations and testing and regulatory authorities are all welcome to the forum to share their ideas on chicken food consumption, quality and safety; analyze the construction of chicken food traceability system and consumers-driven model, global demographic changes and transformation of the income structure, shortage of labor and natural resources and the sustainable supply of chicken protein foods. International Poultry Forum China is held annually. It has been held since 2012 with three issues in Beijing.

We are expecting all elites will gather at the 2015(the Fourth) International Poultry Forum China in Shanghai with its beautiful scenery and pleasant fragrance of the flowers in August. Let’s work together to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of poultry industry and share our wisdom to vitalize the think tank.


Theme 1: Farm to Table – Safe Production Ensures Safe Food

Global Poultry Production and Profit Forecast

China’s New Governmental Regulations on Food Safety in Poultry Production

US and European Countries’Response to Risks Involved in Poultry Production and Food Safety

Governmental Regulations and Market Mechanisms of Poultry Production

Global Influences of Disease Outbreaks on Poultry Production

The Threats to Food Safety Posed by Foodborne Organisms and New Biosecurity Prevention and Control Systems

The Trends and Requirements of Antibiotic-Free Farming

Supply-Chain Management

Panel Discussion

International Food Safety Standards

Antibiotic-Free Farming and Production in China’s Poultry Industry

Theme 2: Farm to Table – The Establishment of Food Safety System and Consumer-Driven Model

The Establishment of Food Safety System by the Consumer-Driven Model

The Traceability Management Standards of the Pilot Programs of Live Poultry and Frozen Chicken in Shanghai

The Establishment of the Traceability System of Poultry Foods

Consumers’ Concern for the Safety of Poultry Foods

Analysis on the Consumption of Chicken Products in China

Food Safety Inspection Technology and Food Safety Certification

The Transparency of Mass Media and Effective Communications

Panel Discussion

Enterprises’ Credit and Consumers’Confidence in the Traceability System of Poultry Foods

Differences in the Consumption of Poultry Foods and Traceability Systems Between China and Western Countries

Theme 3: The Study on the Consumption of Poultry Meat Products & Promotion

The Brand Building of Poultry food Companies

Internet Influence on Poultry Food Supply - Chain

The Expansion of Consumption Channels and the Development of New Products

Food Transport and Logistics Management

Theme 4: CBA CEO Conference