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For Chinese poultry industry, this is the worst of times, this is also the best of times. The negative impacts of diseases hadn’t diminished yet, H7N9 cases reappeared and made the whole industry in trouble. Consumers had no confidence in food safety, so the final poultry meat consumption and chicken price was still low. At the same time, land problems and environmental protection pressure became an obstacle. Livestock and Poultry Scale Production Pollution Prevention Regulation implemented on Jan, 1st, 2014 drew higher requirements to the development of poultry industry. Domestic trouble and foreign invasion happened together.




Jinghui Li
Vice President
Dachan Group

She Feng
General Manager
Beijing Huadu Group Corp., Ltd.

Alberto Riva
General Manager
ElancoGreater China

Christopher Langholz
BU Leader
Cargill Animal Protein China

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First Section: Food safety, supervision and development of Chinese poultry industry under the streamline administration and institute decentralization policy

1. The Ministry of Agriculture:

Thinking and countermeasures of development of poultry industry

2. Finance organizations:

Financial policy of livestock and poultry breeding...