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Food safety is a topic that society pays close attention to. The frequent occurrence of important food safety events in 2011 and 2012 caused this topic to continue to ferment in the minds of the society. This year’s emphasis is placed solely on the project of improving the guarantee of food safety.
    In the world of food safety and consumption, the consumption of poultry and other related products is very high. Safety as related to chicken eggs and chicken meat is always a hot topic in society. How the safety of the entire production process should be controlled, from the beginning with feed safety, extending to the safety of the raising process and its environment, also to the production and meat packing process, and finally safely delivering the products to their final market, is a question that is directed towards the government, the world of industry, and academia. ......



Mr. Lv pan
Senior President
QinHuangDao ChiaTai Co., Ltd.

Jian-hua Chen
President and Secretary of the Board of Directors
Fujian Sunner Development Co., Ltd.

Jing-hui Li
Vice President
Dachan Group

Aidan Connolly
Vice President
Alltech Biological Products (China) Co., Ltd.

1 ( Food Safety)
1.Current situation of Food Safety in China.
2. Supervision and Management System for Food Safety and Quality in the United States, Europe and Latest Research.
3.Safe Feed and Feed Additives with Proper Usage.
4. Advanced and Standard Poultry-Raising Management.
5.Disease Control, Reduce Drug Residue.
6.Ensure Food Safety During the Poultry Processing ...