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Yang Ning
Professor of China Agricultural University; Chairman of the World’s Poultry Science Association

Yang Ning, Professor and Head of Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Animal Breeding, College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University

     1978-1982: Southwest Nationality College; major: Animal Science; B.Sc.
     1985-1990: Beijing Agricultural University; major: Animal Genetics and Breeding; Ph.D.

     ·President (2016-2020), World’s Poultry Science Association
     ·Chief Scientist for the National System for Layer Production Technology, a part of the China Agriculture Reserarch System (CARS).
     ·Associate Editors of World’s Poultry Science Journal, Poultry Science, J. Integrated Agricultural Science, and Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.

     ·Research in the field of Animal Genetics and Breeding, with focus on poultry genomics and genetics.
     ·Author or coauthor of 210+ papers in refereed journals and book chapters.
     ·Recipient of 4 National Awards for Scientific Advancements of China and other prizes.
     ·Consultant to government and poultry industry in China.