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China aims to create its modern industrial technology system with international competitiveness and promote efficient, safe and eco-friendly agricultural technologies, including bio-breeding, sufficient and safe animal farming, fine production technology and equipment and smart agriculture, according to the 13th Five-Year Plan on Science and Technology Innovation released by the Sate Council in August, 2016. Of these technologies, smart agriculture features its modern production technology systems such as the intelligent production of the protected agriculture and informatization of large-scale animal husbandry. The era of “Agriculture 4.0” refers to another new phase of modern agriculture following conventional farming (small-scale peasant economy), mechanized agriculture and information-based/automated agriculture. Supported by the Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet and cloud computing, etc., the modern agriculture is more characterized by its intelligentification, datamation and visualization.

Precision animal farming is the use of principles and technology of process engineering to manage the livestock production system. By using the Internet technology and feeding programs of fine farming, precision animal farming can conduct continuous monitoring and analysis of the farming process and results and provide a mathematical model that predicts the input, thus effectively controlling the input and output and avoiding production risks. Precision animal farming not only improves the utilization efficiency of feed ingredients and lower the production costs, but also allows of more effective production schedules by making full use of biological variability of the individual animals and full traceability from production to processing, thus promoting the quality of products, farming benefits and food safety.

By connecting the Internet, cloud computing and the Internet of things, smart animal husbandry serves as a key component of smart economy and an important tool for developing countries to get rid of poverty and achieve economic development. It also plays a significant role in the construction of China’s world-class agriculture. To ensure food safety and sustainable development is the key issue of China’s agricultural development and in the meantime, to supply sufficient safe poultry meat and egg products is also an important mission of Chinese animal husbandry enterprises. As a major producer and consumer of poultry meat and eggs, China will rise to the challenge and enhance the international status of its poultry industry through technological innovations.

With the beginning of the “era of the poultry industry 4.0”, IPFC 2017 which is organized by LyJa Media, is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China in July. The 2017 version of IPFC will feature “construction of smart industrial engineering and precision production system with a focus on the technological development of smart devices and fine production by the industry, universities and research institutes in areas of poultry hatching, farming, processing and slaughtering as well as in the food sector. We welcome all the top experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and technicians from the industry, both at home and abroad, to participate in the event in the coming July, share the latest ideas and technologies of smart poultry production and inspire each other with valuable thinking!


Topic 1: Intelligence Poultry Industry Engineering Construction in the Era of Agriculture 4.0

Challenges of global poultry industry and the regional development characteristics

Opportunities faced by Chinese poultry industry in the Era of Agriculture 4.0

The latest research on intelligent poultry equipment by Europe and US Institutes

The construction and application of Intelligence Poultry Industry Engineering

Intelligent equipment in large-scale broiler and layer farms

Topic 2: Comprehensive Precision Production System Construction

Comprehensive precision feeding measures and nutrition programs

How to quantify the animal health condition and epidemic prevention solution

The application of internet technology and precision feeding solutions on the farm

Topic 3: Intelligent Technology and Food in Future

The application of intelligent technology in poultry meat and egg food system

The application of Internet of Things in poultry meat and egg food visualized traceable system

The sales and consumer trend of retail terminals