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»Background of Forum

On April 22th—the“Earth Day”, leaders and representatives from 175 countries including China participated and witnessed the successful signing of Paris Agreement. This event marks the global climate governance after 2020 entering into an unprecedented new stage.According to the research of FAO, of the 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases by agriculture, 40% of them come from the enteric fermentation of poultry and livestock. Every year, egglayers and broilers around the world emit about 600 million carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gases. On January 12, 2016, in collaboration with the Chinese government, ...




Gong Guifen
Vice Secretary General
China Animal Agriculture Association

Chang Zhigang
President of Animal Health Service and Welfare Branch
China Veterinary Association

Gu Zhenhua
Shanghai Food Safety Federation

Li Jinghui
Vice President
Dachan Group

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Poultry International China

Topic 1:Environmental Friendliness and Sustainable Development

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Profit forecast of Global Poultry Production under the Influence of Disease Outbreaks

Topic 2:Food Safety and Animal Welfare

China Government’s Policy on Animal Welfare...